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Happy Hours Restaurant In Udaipur

Perk up your day with a visit to Jajmaan Restaurant & Hotel and appreciate our happy hours restaurant in Udaipur. Exciting drinks and food specials are provided to satisfy your thirst and fulfil your snack cravings. We offer specials on selected appetisers and bar drinks during Jajmaan restaurant & hotel cheerful and happy hours so that you can enjoy your favourite flavours for a division of the cost. Keep yourself updated so that you know when to drop in for special bargains on your best-loved bites at happy hours restaurant in Udaipur.


No matter what you call it – social hour, discount drinks, cost-effective cocktails – cheerful hour is that magical time of day when drinks and appetisers are reduced at the best restaurant in Udaipur and bar. These discounts range from two-for-one deals to extraordinary pricing on select food and drink combos.


Traits of Jajmaan One of the Best Happy Hours Restaurants in Udaipur

Pricing Policy

A Happy Hour technique is, of course, all about pricing. However, we don’t look aggressively to slash the costs. Instead, we offer services that add value to their happy hour such as a drink without charge, keeping the standards in mind. 

Menu Of The Happy Hour

The menu is the most integral part of Happy Hour time. Jajmaan Restaurant offers Combos of the best-selling and high-quality food dishes with drinks that are a delicacy to the guests.

Share Plate

At Jajmaan, visitors can choose between a full meal and beverages, according to their preferences which further flourishes mutual relations. Spend quality time with your family while enjoynig the tasty food at our rooftop restaurant in Udaipur.


The Jajmaan happy hour theme brings together your ideas and our creativity, resulting in a lot of fun! The theme allows you to connect your own quirky thoughts with the view which is of immense importance.